Community and Environment Indicators and Sources

The Children’s Rights in the Community and Environment Index evaluates five issue categories which are measured by three types of indicator: legal framework, enforcement and outcomes. These issue categories were developed based on CRBP 7 (Respect and support children’s rights in relation to land acquisition and use), CRBP 8 (Respect children’s rights in security arrangements), CRBP 9 (Help protect children affected by emergencies), and CRBP 10 (Reinforce community and government efforts to fulfil children’s rights).

The six issue categories are:

  • Resource use and damage to the environment: the risk of environmental damage leading to health consequences for children
  • Land rights: the risk of children in the communities (including indigenous) being affected by land acquisition or land use for business purposes
  • Security arrangements: the risk of children being recruited and used by state or private military and security companies (PMSCs) in armed conflicts and other security situations (e.g. on mine sites)
  • Natural disasters: the risk of children being affected by natural disasters
  • Fulfilment of children's rights: the extent to which children enjoy protection of their right to essential services (education, health, protection from violence, etc.)