Workplace Indicators and Sources

The Children’s Rights in the Workplace Index evaluates five issue categories, which are measured by three types of indicators: legal framework, enforcement and outcome indicators. These issue categories were developed based on CRBP 2 (Contribute to the elimination of child labour) and CRBP 3 (Decent work for parents and caregivers).

The five issue categories are:

  • Minimum age of employment: the risk of child labour
  • Categorical worst forms of child labour: the risk of child sexual exploitation, forced labour and trafficking of children
  • Hazardous work: the risk of children under the age of 18 employed in hazardous work
  • Decent working conditions: the risk of poor working conditions for young workers, parents and caregivers (i.e., low wages, long working hours)
  • Maternity protection: the extent of gaps in paid parental leave